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Novelty in the laying of fiber optics

August 27, 2020

With more than 65 years of experience in the production of saws for asphalt and concrete cutting, we introduce the new saw SA3F that performs a suitable cut for the laying of fiber optics without having to restore the road surface. Restoring expenses are almost null.

With the saw SA3F it is possible to cut 20mm wide and 360mm deep grooves suitable to contain fiber optics vertically laid. The cost of restoring is strongly reduced compared to other systems which perform wide and jegged cuts with subsequent high costs to restore the road surface. Further advantages with Fast Verdini SA3F saw:

  • Cutting is possible near or above the sidewalk.
  • Less powerful mechanical means requested
  • Higher manoeuvrability 
  • This saw cuts in 1 minute a length of 80cm on asphalt and concrete in one single cut.
  • The groove achieved is clean and without debris.